Opening reception photos from Hahn’s modern abstract art exhibit

A bustling reception kicked off the 5 week solo exhibit of Hahn’s newest modern abstract art.

Crowds grew and conversations were sparked as art enthusiasts and collectors converged on the opening reception of Hahn’s solo art exhibit. Hahn is exhibiting his newest works of modern art in his solo exhibit, including his Contradictions Series and Pixel Series, running July 18- August 25.


Andy Hahn art exhibit opening Andy Hahn art exhibit openingAndy Hahn explains his artistic process

Gallery information:
Open M-F 8am – 4pm
Longview Farm Park Gallery
13525 Clayton Road
Town and Country, MO 63141

Evening and weekend viewing by appointment: 314-810-6170

Contradictions Series:
Hahn explores the dichotomy between what we express externally versus what we hold internally. He manifests this mainly through words that are obvious and visible combined with partially obscured words in the textured surface. It’s a study on human nature and our need for validation and the perceived perfection in our lives, in conflict with our innate inability to be vulnerable and transparent, resulting in a clear contradiction between the two.

Andy Hahn - The Reboot modern abstract painting Andy Hahn - Love Me Not modern abstract painting

Pixel Series:
Hahn’s art has always had a focus on texture and that has played a key part in his artistic process. With his Pixel Series, the surface becomes the texture in a dynamic and contemporary way. He constructs, deconstructs and then reconstructs each pixel in an intense process to achieve the finished product. Reminiscent of modern day digital pixels, these paintings are both a metaphor for the focus on the individual and microscopic pieces that make up ones whole self and the obscurity of our memories of past events, either through time or repression. A sight truly worthy of beholding in person!

Andy Hahn - Under Water Memory modern abstract paintingAndy Hahn - Vivid Memory modern abstract painting


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