Metal Wall Art

modern abstract metal wall art in room setting


Metal Wall Art

An evolution of mixed media and metal sculpture.

If you are looking for a unique piece of art for your modern space, look no further. Hahn hand crafts these magnificent works of metal wall art, combining various metals, rivets, paint and found objects. Metal at various stages of rust serves as visual texture, contrasting with the sleek and smooth lines of the clean metal areas.


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 detail shots of my metal wall art


Metal Wall Art // Original

Simply metal. Cool, classic, rivets and rust.


Metal wall art original by Andy Hahn - rust contemporary metal


Metal Wall Art // Americana

Old meets new. A fusion of metal, found objects and pop culture.




Metal Wall Art // Fusion

Metal and paint mixed media. Enough said.


Metal wall art fusion by Andy Hahn - abstract metal and paint mixed media


Metal Wall Art // Frames & Mirrors

Hand-made, sleek modern metal art with a function.


Metal wall art frames and mirrors by Andy Hahn


Hahn has an affinity for steel. He is drawn to the clean, simple and industrial aspect of it. He constructs metal wall art that explores the dichotomy between the rigidity and strength of metal and the vulnerability to rust. For him, when metal rusts, there is this sort of new life that is created. It transforms into a different yet equally beautiful thing, with colors including bright oranges and reds. By combining metal with industrial rivets, paint, found objects and various materials, Hahn creates metal wall art that is as unique as the materials used to make it.

Browse my modern art

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